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Granted, Monoski driving is not such a common childhood dream. But after the diagnosis of “incomplete cross-section,” the first thing that goes through your mind is anything that is no longer possible. And just such a list is getting longer and longer.

Before the diagnosis, Nomine already had a complete ski equipment standing at home. Because a planned ski trip was imminent. And that’s exactly where she would have wanted to learn to ski.

All the many dreams associated with it came to a sudden end.

This winter of 2016/2017, she could only watch her sister from the Rolli or from the sleigh skiing and our domestic ski race, the Harzer Dwarf Cup.

This was not allowed to be an acceptable solution in the long run. After all, there are the paralympic Winter Games. There has to be something for non-professional athletes.

Thanks to Google, a solution was also quickly available. The company Alois Praschberger-no limits for disabled people (, in Niederndorf near Kufstein, in Austria, builds and lends Monoskis. Sure, a solution to our problem. But also quickly fraught with many more questions. Is it allowed with an incomplete cross-section at all, or can it affect therapy, is it possibly counterproductive for treatment and therapy? We had to clarify these issues. After all, we did not want to initiate anything, which in the end has rather negative effects. But our doctors at the Schön Clinic Vogtareuth, all the therapists involved and also the provider team of OTC encouraged us. ‘ If it’s possible, only Nomine can do that. Try it!

So all right, it’s doable and manable.  But new questions quickly arose: How does she drive the Monoski, who can teach her …? Here, too, the employees of the Praschberger company were very committed and helpful. Not far from the company in the Alpbach Valley (a ski resort) is the ski boot alpocasage of Sepp Margreiter ( It is located in the ski resort of Skijewel Alpbachtal. A ski area that has become very innovative and modern to take all common needs into account for people in wheelchairs. And so offer boundless fun for everyone. So at the beginning of 2018 we booked a ski instructor and a monoski, exactly for Nomine.

This started the adventure and the fun began!!!

Over two days and the ski instructor showed everything we needed to know and be able to do in order to be able to move on his own at the Wiedersbergerhorn. It was really easier than we thought. And relatively quickly we had the necessary know-how to be able to start on our own.

The few days, passed so quickly that the last day was accompanied by much grief and wistfulness. But at the same time, the will rose within us to equip Nomine with its own monoski.

Once at home, we already had an estimate for a Monoski and a complete equipment in our hands. But the necessary money was missing in our pockets.

But since this is probably part of the good tone for athletes at the beginning of their careers, they are looking for sponsors. So we did. We put together “application folders” with our concern, pictures, a video on CD and the estimate of the cost and have thus written to local and local companies located in the county.

Granted, with rather moderate success. Because companies want to be able to deduct your donations for tax purposes and settle them on their books. As a private individual, we didn’t really get any further. So we advertised donations at regional events. It came with the help of Vfl Ellrich e.V., the Harz Tourist Board, the Savings Banks, the Triathlon Nordhausen e.V. and countless private donations already a good sum together. At the same time, cooperation with the KinderSportStiftung am Harz e.V. enabled. (See photo of the fundraiser for the Monoski).

After a good six months, the money was finally together and the Monoski was able to move in with us (see video “The Monoski arrives”). Only summer stood in the way of unlimited skiing pleasure and participation in the Harzer Dwarf Cup.

What do you do with a monoski in the summer? Sure, you drive into an indoor ski hall. The most close for us is in Bispingen. The winter sports adventure world “Snow Dome Bispingen ( So everything wrapped up and in one of the hottest summers ever off into the snow. An unforgettable day.

And so, over the summer and autumn, we were drawn to Bispingen again and again. Where after some time, through the management, we also got to know a family that was a little like us. Therefore, it was only a matter of course that we borrowed our Monoski and imparted the necessary knowledge to them. From this developing friendship also germinated in the girl’s will to contest ski races in the Harz.

With that, we were already two paraseportwomen who wanted to shake up the Harzer Dwarf Cup. With that, of course, we couldn’t keep behind the mountain. Because Monoskis had never existed in these races. Are we allowed to participate in this at all, let us participate as people with disabilities …? Many questions were once again before us. But the Lower Saxony Ski Federation, unlike expected, reacted very positively to our concerns.

And so took place on 09. February 2019 for us the first race held. The host of the town hall was the SC111NN Braunschweig e.V. through the “Monoski” registration addition, those responsible also knew and set up a monoski class especially for the two girls. As a matter of course and without our influence. So it is probably no one who is surprised that we have also found a home for our passion in this club. And at the weekend there were already members. This was followed for us by the race on the 17th. February and 3. March our final race. Thus, we won until the next and final races at the end of the season on 17. March 1, three times, and second place once. This put us in the table in number 1 in the overall standings and were able to take part in the ceremony as the winner (see photo of the overall winner’s ceremony).

We owe all of this to so many people. For us, all are unforgettable and deeply at home in our hearts. Even though the season is now over, the next one is coming and for the time in between now there are a lot of adventures waiting in athletics, in the fast flag wheelchair on our team.

We are curious what else is coming, from Team Nomine.

Sebastian Fabian

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