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Assistance for patients, relatives and parents
What can modern orthopaedics do today?

The possibilities of orthopaedic assistance are difficult for patients and their relatives to see at the beginning of a diagnosis. Progress in orthopaedic technology of our time exceeds the imagination of most people and many affected people.

Here we would like to give you more and above all well-founded information about our range of services, so that you can better understand and decide what we, as a specialist for orthopaedic technology, can do for you, to help you. To give your children a largely independent and normal life. With our extensive professional experience and knowledge, we help you to find the best possible decision for optimal orthopaedic care.

At the heart of every decision is the detailed medical diagnosis. Our close cooperation and cooperation with orthopaedic specialist clinics and specialist practices enables us to respond sensitively to the concerns of each patient and to develop individual proposals for optimal further treatment. With the earliest possible beginning of an orthopedic treatment and in conjunction with physiotherapeutic accompaniment, the course is already set for infants, children and adolescents in order to be able to lead a life as independent as possible as adults.

We understand the challenges you face, especially as a family. That’s why we support you as a team at OTC intensively, empathically and with a high level of professional expertise and expertise from the very beginning. As a patient or as affected parents, we do not leave you alone, but accompany you together through the necessary time until the optimal adaptation of all orthesis and prosthesis parts. In the same way, we are happy to provide you with us after orthopaedic care, support you and stay in close contact with you. The well-being of every patient is an obligation and incentive for us to always make the best possible.

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Our regular telephone hours are Monday to Thursday from 07:45 – 17:00 and Fridays from 07:45 – 13:45.

If you have very urgent concerns, you can of course also reach us via our mobile service number outside of our phone – and business hours.
The numbers are: +49 178 4511108 or +49 151 52736056

Further contact is also possible via our e-mail address We will contact you immediately if you have any enquiries.